Solwezi booes, rejects president Lungu what is probably the most embarrassing happening to a Zambian president, the people of Solwezi this Friday late afternoon openly rejected and embarrassed President Edgar Lungu.

Lungu arrived in Solwezi late afternoon but the entire town broke into chanting UPND songs, ‘forward, forward’ and flashing the UPND symbol at the presidential motorcade.

Lungu’s motorcade was forced to speed through the crowds of Solwezi residents chanting UPND slogans while tearing the PF campaign materials that were thrown at them.

In panic and fearing for his life lest the people turn violent in their rejection, Lungu and his entourage sped through while his supporters in the convoy attempted to flash the PF symbol to a hostile town.

This is the capital of the province that Richard Kapita and Lungu’s special assistant for projects Lucky Mulusa say is now a pro-PF region.

This is actually very dangerous and shows how useless Lungu and his security are. A careless or drunk person could have thrown a big stone or other dangerous weapon and caused a vehicle in the presidential convoy to flip and possibly harm the president. Where is the intelligence? Surely the entire security did not know what awaited the president ahead?
See the video here

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