Solwezi Central MP Mulusa reveals how he was almost poisoned

Solwezi Central MP Lucky Mulusa, who recently took a walk from Chingola to Solwezi in protest against the PF’s neglection of North-Western province and the harassment of journalists has written on his facebook page revealing how the vicious system targeted him for drink poisoning at National Assembly Motel.

Mr. Mulusa who also sponsored a private members motion in parliament demanding for the cruel PF government to bring back mealie meal and fuel subsidies wrote

“Every morning since Monday this week, I work up to the realisation that I could have died on the night of the 12th of July 2013. I was having a whisky at the National Assembly Motel with a friend of mine from Solwezi, Friday Mulemfwe, when in a very suspicious manner, I was served with three shorts of whisky I never asked for. My friend and I quizzed the barman and upon failing to get a satisfactory answer, we decided that the whisky be subjected to laboratory analysis. When the results came out I was shocked to learn that it had been laced with “Clonazepam”. This I am told would have resulted into a collapsed liver and a break down of the nervous system and would have led to death. Thank you all for your prayers. The Lord we worship takes care of all his children”.

The controversial MP has also been a fierce critic of Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito who he says told a lie to the parliamentary Select Committee for him to be ratified.

Mr. Mulusa is currently drafting another motion to have president Michael Sata be impeached for various constitutional breeches and disregard for the law since he came into office.

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