Solwezi load-shedding irks locals, Zesco favours Kansanshi expatriates

Business houses in Solwezi are incensed at the lengthy hours of load-shedding by ZESCO during production and peak hours but leaving power supply to Kansanshi mine expatriate houses in the golf estate uninterrupted.
Zesco management seemingly does not care whether houses and business houses have power, but they would do everything possible to ensure that electricity supply to Kansanshi Golf estate is not disturbed in any way.
The Kansanshi golf estate is situated in the neighbourhood of Zambian houses in Mishitala area on the way to Kansanshi mine but this area does not experience the now infamous load-shedding.
The surprising thing is that when there is load-shedding in all the houses near Kansanshi golf estate all the houses and installations there will not be affected and it will be business as usual and clearly lit especially at night.
Kansanshi golf estate has the golf course, bowling greens, tennis courts and squash, among the sports disciplines and is a preserve for expatriates working for the mines and a few Zambians who do the vuvuzela and donkey work for them like their public relations manager Godfrey Msiska.
There are also Zambians who are more qualified. But some of the so called expatriates have no qualifications but have been given houses in the golf estate because of their colour. The Kansanshi golf estate has been nicknamed “little Pretoria” by the local residents.
Sources say Zesco management has been compromised and one of their senior managers has been put on the Kansanshi mine pay roll to ensure their interests are promoted.
Businessmen in Solwezi are unhappy with the trendy and are asking the PF government to come to their rescue by way of ensuring that there is seamless flow of power to their business stations.
They claim government has more interest with the foreign investors and does not worry about their plight in a region which contributes so much to the national treasury. Efforts to involve officials in the North west Chamber of commerce and industry have not yielded good results because their president Mutupa and executive have been bought by the mines through business deals for his briefcase company.
“we are worried at the level of development in Solwezi and North western province because it seems our own government does not care. They serve the interests of foreign investors instead of their own local people. Time will tell,” said a local businessmen who with-held his identity for fear of humiliation.

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