We will also move motion to Impeach Sata, says Solwezi MP

By Lucky Mulusa, MP.

When Parliament adjourned in December last year, Members of Parliament debated the adjournment motion passionately for the love of the nation. They reminded the PF government to walk away from destroying the opposition to nation building. It is now clear that these debates fell on deaf ears. We are back this week with the same destructive PF. Parliament is likely to be paralysed as all Parliamentarians are likely to be out campaigning. The nation will lose resources unnecessarily. In the name of the people, this must stop.

The PF is hereby warned – that their motion to remove the immunity of President Banda will be closely followed if not simultaneously accompanied by a motion to impeach President Sata. We will spice it with a petition for a medical board of inquiry to examine the President’s suitability to continue at the helm of our beloved country. I wish to warn you that while you think we have several weaknesses as an opposition, failure to hit you back is not one of those weaknesses. If you think you are a big tree, we are a small axe ready and sharp enough to chop you down!

While we expect both motions to fail, the failure of the immunity motion will be a victory for President Banda, while the failure of the impeachment motion will leave indelible marks and damage on the Presidency. It will have far reaching implications beyond the PF. It will damage the country’s current MMD underwritten investment grade credit rating. The Rating Agencies are likely to affirm the negative outlook with a possible downgrade. This is because political risk premium will go up due to the attempted vote of no confidence on the president. Investors will hold back investment as the environment of uncertainty ensues. The petition for a medical board of inquiry though might not succeed either, will put the President in the sport light and will bring undue pressure on him. The question the PF should ask themselves is; is this battle worth waging? For us we are ready for you in Parliament! We will take you on pound for pound and punch for punch. For far too long we have watched you pound us with so much hatred and toxic levels of desire to inflict both emotional and economic pain on the opposition. You have even failed to concentrate on running the economy for the betterment of the people. We will give you the taste of your own medicine.    

This decision to block attempts to remove President Banda’s immunity is in no way backed by desire to protect wrong doing. But rather to ensure that constitutional provisions and democratic institutions are not used by hypocrites with small, petty and unappreciative minds to achieve personal satisfaction. You are currently abrogating constitutional provisions. You are making unnecessary economic decisions that are not easily discernible because they appear normal to the public. Yet you are heaping huge costs on the unsuspecting public. You do not deserve the title of messiahs of the people.

I have noticed with pity that each time we have changed government; the values espoused by those who convinced Zambians to propel them into the leadership of our country are urinated upon much to the voters’ disappointment. Imagine if all the promises of development, job creation and as a consequence of that, poverty alleviation just to mention a few of the many promises contained in the proposed social contracts Zambians are always promised prior to elections were fulfilled? We would have a Zambia with a competitive economic infrastructure that would reduce the cost of production of our goods and services. A Zambia with social infrastructure that would give our properties the values they deserve. A Zambia with a prosperous middle class to support a domestic industry through adequate internal demand. A Zambia with foreign investors who will come to stay rather than disgusted foreign investors who transmit everything they make in our economy instead of reinvesting and considering our country as their own home.

To the well-meaning original PF membership, I say, reclaim the soul of your struggle for it has been hijacked by the greedy and soul-less few! To my brothers and sisters in UPND, I say hold fast for your unity of purpose is under siege. To my family the MMD, I say we have been battered right left and centre to an extent where the only possession we are left with is our sanity. Let us hold on to it for it is a valuable possession that will see us through hell to heaven. To our compatriots in the media I say deny detractors the oxygen of publicity! Why should you give mercenaries within opposition parties front page headlines while pronouncements from well-meaning democratically elected leadership are confined to back pages or simply ignored? Re-examine your role and be positive agents of change.

Read the State of the Nation address by President Zuma and read the verbatim one delivered by President Sata in Parliament late last year. While the one by President Zuma unifies the hope of his people, President Sata’s reminds us of absence of leadership in our country! Let us educate each other about the importance of mature deliberation before casting a vote. Avoid voting for on the basis of a political party because incompetency will hide within political parties and find itself in important decision making roles and just cause stagnation or retrogression. Target the quality of individuals put forward by political parties. This will force political parties to parade the best Zambians to serve us. Our electro outcomes will give a great set of leadership to take our country forward.

As I write this piece, I am sobbing – I am sobbing because while other countries have a leadership that is taking their countries forward, ours has a leadership that is so bitter with the past that it is now clear that the only reason they ascended to power was to be in a position to inflict pain on the perceived personal enemies from the past. What shall we tell posterity when each one of us will be asked by our grandchildren what happened to the past that should have created a sustainable existence for them? We will look stupid, foolish, and clueless and the verdict will be that our generation should never have preceded theirs.

Dear Zambians, be worried about the present and the future and be very worried for the ship is sinking.

Lucky Mulusa, MP.

Solwezi Central Constituency

Lord why have you allowed the spirits of confusion, hate, vindictiveness and the spirit of self-destruction to invade the PF to this magnitude?

We will prosecute you for creating unnecessary opportunity costs

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