Solwezi victory not reflection of reality-Musonda

Centre for Election and Governance (CEG) Trustee, Gershom Musonda
has advised the opposition PF/UPND to concentrate on developmental issues than celebrating on the Solwezi by-election.

Mr. Musonda says the pact has been obsessed with the election victory in Solwezi and forgotten to do their role of advocating for the people.

He has also charged that the Pact’s victory in the Solwezi by-election is not the reflection of the situation on the ground.

Mr. Musonda told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that pact should not over celebrate the victory as there are yet to be tested of their popularity once they hold a convention.

He said people are just over excited with the news of the pact but is not the true reflection that the pact is here to stay.

“They pact is too obsessed with the victory in Solwezi but this is not a reflection of the whole situation on the ground. People voted for them because they are just excited, but there is the issue of the convention and once they choose a leader that’s when we will see that there are here to stay” he said.

Mr. Musonda said the pact should instead advocate for the mobile issuance of the National Registration Cards which is taking place in some areas and other things that are of national importance.

He said they should also resolve some of the internal wrangles in their respective parties especially the PF which seems to have unresolved problems.

The UPND/PF Pact candidate Watson Lumba was declared new Solwezi MP after polling 5,669 against MMD‘s candidate Albert Chifita who got 4457 ,FDA’s Muhammad Kalela got 189, and independent candidate Thomas Kafula only managed a pantry 51 votes.

While the ruling MMD which held the seat through late areas MP Ben Tetamashimba has conceded defeat and moved on, the pact has continued celebrating urging the ruling party to pack up their bags as they would be defeated in the 2011 elections.

Meanwhile, Mr. Musonda said he is concerned with the differences in the ruling MMD and attributed their loss to this.

He said the MMD had a lot of differences prior to the by-election and this had a negative impact on the results.

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