Solwezi welcomes UPND candidate

Solwezi welcomes UPND candidate

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Today in Solwezi MMD cadres and senior guys are putting on white Tshirts written ‘vote for RB.’ my phone went low would have captured pictures of them and sent you. But when the marketeers were told that the UPND candidate is on his way passing through Solwezi town center , they moved and closed up the road so he could stop by and be welcomed and they where chanting the ‘go go forward’ slogans. They blocked a one way passage road making PF cadres fail to pass through easily. It was clear that PF cadres were safe in vehicles than on foot the station was full of UPND cadres and the inside marketeers were all chanting for UPND.

If you want a quick death you better enter the market chanting PF without police escort. MMD are a no talk they are being ignored as though they don’t exist. I saw some civil servants who where actually UPND but I won’t mention them because I work with at the ministry of health. Civil servants were cha ting ! go! go! foward!! shouting lelo! lelo!

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