Solwezi West youths disappointed with MP Kasonso

Solwezi West youths disappointed with MP Kasonso

Dear Admin, don’t hide my identity. I am not afraid of anything because Zambia is our country all of us. It’s not only for political leaders, Zambia owes me my freedom of speech and expression. Above is the conversation between the our area member of parliament and myself. My aim was just to plead with him so that he doesn’t vote for BILL10 tomorrow as parliament resumes.

Our Solwezi west constituency MP Hon. Teddy Kasonso has never sensitized our great community on the advantages and disadvantages of Bill 10. He has never consulted us. But if you listen carefully, he mentioned that he is going to vote for Bill 10 in his own capacity as “Mr. Kasonso Teddy. I tried to argue with him but it’s like he had to stick to his own words.

I clearly told him that I was going to share with my fellow youths here in Kalumbila District and I shared the audio because we as youths agreed to call him and I was given the responsibility to call him. But supprisingly, he called me and warned me never to talk to him again.

Now my Question is, if our leaders start refusing us from talking to them, whom are we going to be talking to? Why do our own elected leaders reject us after voting for them? Why don’t these people represent our own views rather than their’s? How can we have development with this behaviour I have witnessed sure? I am really sad for this. Because I remember during campaigns, Mr. Kasonso knelt down for us, asking for our vote, and I personally voted for him, now today I have become useless sure. ..

Dear Admin, I can’t wait to vote. I really want 2021 to come as quick as possible so that I can retain my powers of voting for a right candidate. I will never make a mistake of voting for someone I don’t know.

As Youths of Kalumbila district, I can proudly assure you that we are only going to vote for someone from our district. Even if that person is not very rich. The reason why we are suffering like this is because it’s the UPND national Executive committee who imposed him on us. We want someone who knows what we are going through as youths and other community members. If these political parties will import people from Lusaka and other areas, we are going to let the person who is a resident of Kalumbila district to contest as an independent candidate and he/she will definitely win. Partisan politics are long gone. we are very “disgruntled” because we suffered a lot during Mr Kasonso’s elections . We were beaten and teargassed because of him. We promise never to repeat that mistake.

Nkole Emmanuel
The voice of the voiceless
Kalumbila District
North western province

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