Some ballot papers being reprinted

Ballot papers for nine local government wards and one parliamentary constituency are being reprinted in Durban.

This was after the Electoral Commission of Zambia- ECZ discovered mistakes on the ballots for the affected wards and the constituency.

ECZ Public Relations Manager Chris Akufuna says most of the wards had missing candidates while other wards had names of candidates appearing in the wrong alphabetical order.

MR. Akufuna told journalists in Durban on Monday that the affected wards are in central province, Copperbelt, Eastern province and Western province.

He says ballot papers for Sinjembela Constituency will have to be reprinted because the names of the candidates are not appearing in alphabetical order.

Mr Akufuna has attributed some of the errors to the big numbers of local government wards which have exceeded one thousand and pressure of meeting the deadline before election date.

He says the reprinting of the named ballot papers started last night and was expected to be completed today, Monday.

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