Some clauses removed from amended constitution

Dear editor

Please withhold my identity.

It has come to our attention that President Edagr Lungu has removed certain clauses in the Amendment Bill that he is set to sign this Tuesday.

If this is true then this will be defrauding the people of Zambia. The President claimed that he will deliver a people driven constitution when in fact he is removing clauses to suit his minions. A God fearing man cannot do such a criminal act. He is supposed to lead by example and the example he gives us is defrauding the Zambian people.

We are aware that Permanent Secretaries and District Commissioners that have intentions of standing as Member of Parliament bombarded the President last week and asked him to remove the Civil service clause because according to the information that was circulated, any Civil Servant with intentions of aspiring to become Members of Parliament should have resigned 2 Years prior to an election. This is the clause that he has removed to suit his minions after being pressured. In short Zambians cannot trust such a President. He shouldn’t even claim that he is a Christian because as a leader you need to respect the will of the people yet he wants to doctor a people’s document to suit his friends at the expense of a country.

Zambians are watching and Edgar Lungu should know that what goes around comes back around. An uproar is certainly looming. We have been fooled again but every dog has its day and his is coming soon.

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