Some clergy have joined Sata in shielding people that owe DBZ K14b

By Gga Usenga

Zambia in recent times has been experiencing some attempted political dribbling. It has become very clear that the president of Zambia,Mr.Michael Sata is trying very hard to corruptly save his political allies, Fred Membe(Post Newspaper Owner) and Ntembo Nchito(the current Director of Public Prosecutions),from the debt willfully accrued and acquired from Development Bank Of Zambia(DBZ) amounting to 14billion Kwacha.

The state through the President has been fiercely roaring around to pounce on any one including the judiciary and our only hope, Zambian watchdog, trying to block its quest of freeing these DBZ debtors. Thus some incorruptible members of the judiciary, who have realized this evil gimmick by the President, are very resistant to be used in this scheme. Due to this some few PF HOLY CADRES hiding in the church but part of this crooked scheme, have started ranting at the judges in the judiciary.

They claim judiciary need reformation. What reformation is surely needed? Reformation which will eradicate the resistance of these judges to allow this evil move by the President to rescue his Political manipulators?

Surely how can the holy church through several clergy men be supporting this? Is it that they can’t discern this evil sensation boiling up, or they are just ignoring the truth just to support their church met? These guys really astonish me. They are even calling for the dissolving of the judiciary. So what are their intentions of having the judiciary dissolved? We know that the head clergy who suggested the dissolving of the judiciary is the brother-in-law of the president of Zambia. The president during his sexual diversification period fathered two children with the sister of this arch-clergy man. I am sure all those vigorous campaigns he unleashed during the 2011 general elections, were meant to safe guard the good life for his sisters children so that they are always trekking to the state house for some good living.

While the judges were asking for Prayers, another clergy man answered rudely, in today’s Post Newspaper(10th June,2012), that they themselves, holy ones cant pray for these judges because they don’t seem to be repentant. People ask yourselves, what repentance do judges need? Can these holy men explain to us what criteria they have used to find our judges guilty so that they start repenting to the Zambians and therefore start receiving prayers from these very holy almighty clergy men?

In fact what I understand about prayers is that they can be used to make someone repent. I thought we pray for certain people to change from their bad deeds. The whole lot of the holy clergy man can be so spiritually incompetent as not to know that we can pray for people so that they repent. Then what is the use of a prayer if you only want to pray to those ready to be prayed for? Our children sometimes have got very bad behavior and are not ready to repent, we always pray to God to intervene so that the child changes for the better. PLEASE LET THE HOLY CLERGY MAN CHANGE HIS TACTICS OF PRAYER.MAY BE THAT IS WHY MANY EVIL PEOPLE IN ZAMBIA,LIKE THIEVES,CROOKS,POLITIACAL DRIBBLERS ETC,cant change for the better because they are not being prayed for. All these thieves and crooks must be repentant to be prayed for.

In Zambia we really need very strong prayers against this scheme of crooks trying to subdue Zambia with evil whether these initiators of this evil are repentant or not. In fact we should pray for these clergy persons to either see or move out of this evil scheme.

These clergy men are very tolerant with certain evil because for them the actions of Mr. Sata are very much alright as long as he is the president or one of their church members. Thus some of these clergy holy men surprise me.They see something wrong with Zambia being a Christian Nation but nothing wrong in adopting gay rights and the evil scheme being perpetrated by the President to free his debtor-political allies.

NOTICE: The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) board will today Monday 11th June at 14:30 hrs hold a press briefing where among other national issues, will discuss the proposed judiciary reforms.

The press conference will be held at the CCZ Ecumenical Centre on Bishops rd Kabulonga. This is according to CCZ spokesperson Elias Banda

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