Some more accidents on Great north Road

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the fatal Chibombo accident which claimed over 55 lives on the Great North road, and the road has continued experiencing road traffic accidents. A Lusaka bound truck carrying stock feed belonging to Olympic Milling company of Loans ha  careered off the road sending the horse and trailers on two different sides of the road. The driver escaped the sacrificial accident. The accident occurred at the Mulungushi river bridge.

On the other hand the Watchdog has been informed that a long distance coach belonging to CV bus services has been involved in an accident near the scene of last year’s Chibombo Post bus accident which claimed over 55 lives.

And state owned Zampost company has not yet compensated the victims’s families while the government has continued spending in endless ventures like the setting up of another parastatal Indeco and by elections.

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