Some of the hooligans who attacked Kabimba, Breeze Radio named

Some of the hooligans who attacked Kabimba, Breeze Radio named

Some of the PF hooligans that were paid to attack Wynter Kabimba and stone Breeze FM are Kawana Mubiya, Tom Bowa, Henry Mumba, Joe Lung, Mabvuto Banda, Andrew Banda, Eliud Chalwa, some punk called ‘shi Momo and Mateyo Banda.

The PF cadres attacked Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba while featuring on a live Breeze FM radio programme. They beat up guards.

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Radio presenter Samuel Ndhlovu had to cut short the programme after noticing that there was confusion out side the studio. The thugs led by their district youth chair Kawana Mubiyana stormed radio Breez exactly 10:09 hours. They  beat up a security guard at the radio who had denied their access into studio and  started throwing stones forcing radio staff to scamper for safety.

And the opposition political party has accused Chipangali MMD Member of Parliament Vincent Mwale, who is also Sports Minister, of organizing the cadres to attack Mr. Kabimba.

Rainbow Party Spokesperson Goodson Banda has confirmed the development to QFM News via telephone that Kabimba was just whisked out of the studios when the PF cadres stormed Breeze FM studios shortly after the program started.

Banda alleges that one cadre who was leading the group was earlier seen with Mr. Mwale and that he was given some money to organize other cadres to disrupt Mr. Kabimba from featuring on the program.

He says the same cadres followed the Rainbow Party leader when he featured on the news makers’ forum of the Press Freedom Committee when he was presenting a paper on the Rainbow Party’s policy on agriculture in Chipata district but that the youths prevented them from going further.

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