Some people are yapping 24 hrs and looking foolish, says Chiluba

Former President Frederick Chiluba says he has experienced President Banda’s leadership and does not doubt his capabilities of steering Zambia to greater heights.

Chiluba told journalists at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka yesterday that Zambians all over the country are benefiting from President Banda’s “efficient” government.

He said he is able to commend President Banda because he has seen development countrywide, and is not talking without basis.

“I have experienced President Banda’s leadership, and I enjoy it because it is practical. When you are asked about his leadership, you point to things that you have seen. God bless the President,” Dr Chiluba said.

He said Zambians have the huge task of choosing the person they want to lead them, and must judge who is a leader and who is not.

Dr Chiluba said he has observed that some political leaders have no clear policies and programmes for this country, but want to talk everyday to try and attract voters.

“Democracy makes some people sound foolish. They are so loud, but they have no programmes for the people of Zambia. A wise person cannot be talking 24 hours a day. They keep yapping about nothing. Zambians must ensure they elect a leader with an agenda for their country,” Dr Chiluba said.

The former head of State said what some people do not understand is that democracy is about understanding each other, and not about exchanging bitter words.

He said Zambia is now enjoying peace, and that the current scenario is different from the colonial days when even indigenous policemen and women were harassing their own brothers and sisters to please their colonial masters.

He said peace comes with a price, and that this is why Zambians must ensure they vote for someone who will uphold it.

“There must be no disruption to this peace. It has to continue,” Dr Chiluba said.

And Dr Chiluba has spoken out on Western Province saying it is a part of Zambia and must remain as such.

He said any calls for a separate state must be ignored because Zambia is a united State.

He said the people of Western Province must be careful and judge for themselves who is telling them the truth.


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