Some soldiers, policemen will not vote

 Sensing a protest vote from most soldiers and policemen, government has decided to block them  from voting  by refusing to give them passes to go and cast their votes in the areas where they registered. This applies to security and defence officials who have relocated after 2011 and those deployed in other parts of the country.
A well placed intelligence source disclosed that most defence and security personnel felt cheated by the PF policies and have resolved to vote for the opposition but their commanders have issued instructions to all units not to allow any officer to be out on voting day, citing security concerns.
However some officers have told the Watchdog that this scheme is aimed at rigging because details about officers who have relocated have been obtained and there are fears that ghost voters will be ‘manufactured’ to vote for PF candidate Edgar Lungu.
“The situation is that they have our particulars and it is easy for the system to establish where we vote from and by denying us the right to go and vote they will manufacture ghost voters who will ‘vote’ for the ruling party because they know that we are very unhappy with their policies. Some of our colleagues who are in deployment away from their work places have also been denied passes and there wont be any voter certificates issued,” said an officer.

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