Something is wrong with PF die hards



From the time PF assumed power just five years ago everything has gone haywire, including the institution of the Presidency. Despite all this, we still have individuals shouting ni PF fye, what’s wrong with you? Are you normal? 1. The economy has collapsed

2. Inflation has drastically risen

3. The money market has become confused, today its K9 tomorrow its K12 per dollar

4. The President has become very rich in just one year while ordinary citizens have become poorer 5. The President has become partial, only concerned with those supporting him

6. Loadshedding has become the normal lifestyle

7. Job losses have climaxed in national history 8. Corruption in government corridors have hit alarming levels

9. Arbitrary use of power by the President has claimed many lives

10. The independent press has been suppressed 11. The President has mocked God while the clergy watch 12. The law has broken down that cadres are now instructing the President what to do

13. The police service has been reduced to PF dogs

14. Professionals have been fired and replaced with untrained cadres

15. Citizens no longer afford loans due to very high interest rates 16. Crime has trippled due to unemployment and poverty

17. Prostitution has worsened, now happening even during the day due to worsened poverty

18. The state media has become a PF mouthpiece

19. The drunkenness of the President has aroded all the respect for the Presidency

20. The image of the country has been torn to pieces Nothing is making sense any more.

These are just a few examples of how our country has been destroyed, and some fellows still want the PF to continue! Bushe mwalikwata ubongo? #votehh4president #voteupnd4govt

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