Something terrible will happen to PF if they continue to ignore God’s people- Fr. Chiti

The PF can choose to ignore the Catholic Church’s warnings over its arrogance at it’s own peril says, Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) executive director Fr. Leonard Chiti.

Fr Chiti warned that if the PF continued to  ignore  the voices of the people, which was the voice of God, something terrible was going to happen to them because they are disobeying God.

He said President Sata and the PF were treading a dangerous path and if they continued with the same behavior their end was looming.

“I can firmly say this as a Pastor that if the PF continues ignoring the voices of the people which is the voice of God something terrible is going to happen to them because you are disobeying God and they must know that God is never pleased when you are oppressing your own people, when you are allowing human rights violation to continue; when you let innocent people die because you fired nurses, God will not allow this to continue,” said Fr. Chiti.

Fr Chiti said it would be suicide for the PF to ignore the church’s warnings that  it should desist from being arrogant, adamant and obstinate to governance.

In an interview with the Daily Nation Fr. Chiti said that the observation by respected men of God on the performance by PF government must be taken seriously by those in its leadership.

“The Bishops said something which is extremely important and profound which I feel the PF leadership and government must heed, they said that this was the voice of the people and the voice of the people is the voice of God, so if the PF continues to ignore the voices of the people on many issues of governance they are ignoring the voice of God,” said Fr. Chiti.

He cited the story in the Bible where Pharaoh the King of Egypt refused to release the Israelites despite many calls to let them to go.

“Let me draw you to a story in the bible of Pharaoh who refused to let go of the children of Israel, ten bad things happened to him and that is what will exactly happen to the PF and President Sata in particular if they don’t heed to the voice of God.”

He told  PF that they could ignore civil society if they so wished to but not the voice of God, “so I will want to remind the PF that if they want they can ignore the civil society, let them ignore the MMD if they want but not the voice of the people because it is the voice of God,

“They must not ignore the voice of the church, the church has spoken in that an equivocal manner and they must do what the people want. It is not only the issue of the constitution, it is also the public order act, it is about the Barotseland issue, and it is about the meddling in traditional affairs. Who gives you (PF) the mandate to think that you know it all?”

He said that the PF must realise that Zambians were speaking against them because they had misdirected themselves.

“If there are any moral heads in the PF I would urge them to stop and listen to the cries of the people. Let them ask themselves questions such as why is it that all the people are against the way we are governing the nation?”

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