Something went wrong with last elections – Kabimba

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has failed to release the 2016 poll results for every polling station because something went wrong in the manner the elections were handled, says Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba

Speaking when he featured on Millennium Radio this morning, Kabimba said those complaining about the outcome of the election should not be victimized.
“There are people that are aggrieved about the electoral process, I personally don’t think that the electoral process was 100 per cent perfect because there is no such electoral process anyway. But just the fact that up to today we as Rainbow Party have been asking the Electoral Commission of Zambia to give us the results of the 2016 election polling station by station and they have failed to do so, means that there could be something wrong about that election,” Kabimba said.
“So the others that are complaining that they are aggrieved, you cannot start calling them names to say ‘you are bitter, you are just power hungry’ no! They are citizens of this country and they have the right to get the right answers including the Rainbow Party. We are still demanding that ECZ gives us the 2016 election results polling station by polling station because that is what they exist for.”

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