Son of Lamba chief vows to campaign against RB

Senior Chief Mushili’ son Robert Lwebesha has vowed to campaign against President Rupoiah Banda and the MMD in Ndola rural.
Lwebesha has said the dismissal of Gabriel Namulambe from government is unacceptable to the Lamba speaking people.
The traditional leader’ son told Radio Phoenix that President Banda has an intimidating attitude to MPs who hail from the ‘Lamba land’.
He said that Lambas are following president Banda’s intimidation of Lamba ministers with great concern.
He accused president Banda of firing Namulambe when he recently assured Lamba chiefs that he will maintain ministers from the Copperbelt in his cabinet.
He said he will de-campaign the MMD until the opposition takes over all the seats in the Copperbelt rural.

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