Sondashi says moving boundaries, districts should not be done do weaken local people

Sondashi says moving boundaries, districts should not be done do weaken local people

Forum for Democratic Alternatives president Ludwig Sondashi says there is a criteria which has to be followed when government thinks of moving boundaries of provinces around.

Dr Sondashi in a statement released to QFM says the reason for interfering with provincial boundary must be genuine and should be in the national interest.Â

He says moving boundaries of provinces to make them weaker, so that the ruling party can easily win in the targeted elections, is not a good reason for interfering with the provincial boundaries.

He adds that the people affected in the annexation must be consulted,both affected people to be moved from their existing province and those remaining in the left over district.Â

Dr Sondashi who is a lawyer by profession explains that the provincial or district alignment normally works well, if the district to be detached has people who are of different culture, language characteristics and behavior which are totally different from those remaining in the provincial block.

He says with regards Solwezi, the people comprising Solwezi district have lived with the rest of the people in North Western Province in harmony and fraternity for centuries and are now so close through intermarriages that separating them now would disadvantage them and could easily create tension in the province and civil disobedience.

Dr Sondashi adds that since Solwezi district has been blessed with three big mines, annexing it to Copperbelt Province would be viewed as denying the entire province with the much needed benefits from the mines after years of suffering together.

He says he does not believe that centralisation requires the realignment of a district like Solwezi.

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