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Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen of your noble profession:

I am delighted to be invited to present a discussion regarding the Sondashi formula, SF-2000.  Although I was quite able to do the presentation verbally, but owing to the scientific importance which the medicine has undergone, I decided that the presentation should be in writing to enable me to present the emerging facts.

I discovered the Sondashi Formula in the year 2000.  In the same year, there was a conference which took place at Mulungushi International Conference on HIV and AIDS, at which I was invited to attend. I attended this meeting, and to the astonishment of the audience, I told them that I had discovered the “cure for HIV and AIDS.”   Certainly, no one believed me.  Some thought, I was a great liar, others thought, I was broke and wanted to make easy money.  And yet others simply said, the man was getting insane.  As I was out of government employment by then, I was easily isolated and rejected, because at that time, the western propaganda was that the disease was incurable.

I continued insisting that I had found the “cure.”  Fortunately when Levy Mwanawasa became President, as if to try me, he sent his wife the first lady Maureen Mwanawasa to obtain the formula for their sick 5 relatives.  The medicine was given to the relatives, who turned out negative after taking it.  I wish to refer you to the late President Mwanawasa’s letter of acknowledgement over the cure of his relatives, in his letter addressed to Hon. Dr. Chituwo, the then Minister of Heath and copied to me among others;  particularly page 2, paragraph (e).  The said letter is attached and marked Exhibit 1.

Having been convinced that the medicine was a cure for HIV and AIDS, Mwanawasa directed the national AIDS Council of Zambia to carry out scientific testing of the formula.

In the year 2003, I handed over the herbal medicine to the late Dr. Patrick Chikusu of the National Aids Council, who was Chairman of the National Technical Committee, on traditional and alternative remedies, for testing.  On 13th September, 2004, after carrying out the laboratory testing, Dr. Chikusu informed the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, as follows:

  1.  That my medicine was assessed for safety and was found to have no toxicity to normal MT4 cells and was found to be non-toxic.
  2. That the medicines was tested against HIV Sub Type B and found to be efficacious, by killing HIV Sub Type B at specific dilution which is non toxic to normal MT4 cells, and
  3. That the interesting finding is of great national importance; to Sondashi Formulation from herbs of Zambia.


On the 14th October 2004, Dr. S.K. Miti, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health sent me a letter, enclosing the above stated Report. (Copy attached as Exhibit 2)  It was from this preliminary finding that the late President Mwanawasa obtained funding and directed the National Aids Council to give permission to Dr. Chikusu, as Principal Investigator, to carry out further clinical observations on this herbal medicine among others.  I was given ten (10) patients, whom I administered with the Sondashi Formula for a period of six months.  These open observational and exploratory clinical studies lasted from 17th November 2005 to 26th April 2006.  Exhibit 3 is a list of those 10 patients’ viral load readings, showing that 6 out of 10 had their viral load reduced.  Of great surprise is No. 8 who had 4,699,000 viruses reduced to 466,000 from 4 million plus after six months.  Since he remained on SF2000 after clinical trials for 4 months, his viral load reduced to 232.  What does that mean? It means that if he continued, he would have recorded negative.   My medicine was found to be the best among the two other herbal medicines. Dr. Chikusu, on 4th April 2007, wrote me a letter, informing me of how my product behaved in these exploratory clinical studies.  The following is what he wrote about the Sondashi Formula: (copy of the letter dated 4 April 2007 refers as Exhibit 4).

  1. “Safety – There was no toxicity which can be attributed to the product.
  2. Spicing – There was no commonly used anti retroviral noted in the product.
  3. Efficacy – The product showed that six out of ten patients increased in CD4 cell count correspondent to viral load reduction. (See attached).
  4. Clinical physical studies showed:

–        Increase in body weight

–       Increase in appetite

–       No opportunistic infections such as Meningitis, Tuberculosis, sexually Transmitted Infections and Diarrhoea


He went on to say that “from this, it is important  that further studies be made for a larger group and longer period and that he hoped that I would enter into discussion with Government to further this work.”

Dr. Chikusu wanted to report these national findings at a press conference, until he was stopped by the Minister of Health Miss Cifire for the reasons best known to herself. Since these findings of Dr. Chikusu were disputed in Zambia, I decided to take my medicine to South Africa for a second opinion. There, a prestigious Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) under the sponsorship of NEPAD welcomed my medicine and carried out laboratory trials both in South Africa and the United States of America. The findings in both countries confirmed the findings by Dr. Chikusu made in Zambia, precisely their findings were as follows:

  1. That SF2000 was effective against both HIV sub-type B and sub-type C. That it is more pronounced against sub-type C, the good news being that sub-type C strain is the most relevant type found in Africa.
  2.  That the safety studies conducted on the mice showed that there was no toxicity which could be attributed to the product; and
  3. That SF2000 attacks and kills the HIV virus irreversibly and does so without harming the CD4 cells etc. (See their letter to me marked as Exhibit 4).


It is from these unique findings that a combined delegation of NEPAD, CSIR and Medical Research Council of South Africa arranged to meet the Zambian team of Scientists in Lusaka to inform them of this good news and to map out the way forward, since under NEPAD which was spear-heading these investigations, Zambia was required to play a role as the owner of the biodiversity and founder of the herbal medicine.

At that meeting which took place at Anina’s Executive Lodge in Lusaka, the meeting of the South African and Zambian scientists recommended that Zambia played a part in hosting the safety clinical trials and the findings of those clinical trials.

Zambia released K800,000,000 (KR800,000) towards these clinical trials and have chosen these to take place at Ndola Central Hospital by Tropical Disease Research Centre. It is these trials which are being awaited. Once concluded positively, they will open the way for declaring the SF2000 safe for human consumption and for commercialisation in pharmacies and hospitals. Since the medicine has already been found to be efficacious in the laboratory (invitro) tests.

This is an important milestone to clear as it will inspire further, the governments of Zambia and South Africa, the international pharmaceutical companies and well wishers like businessmen in Zambia to offer themselves to fund the final efficacy clinical trials in vivo, in human beings.

Disappointingly, however, of late the programme has hit a snag, in that South Africa has failed to supply the spray dried capsules which is supposed to be used in these safety studies in clinical trials in Ndola.  This has led to the delay for over a year now.  I can only guess that CSIR is doing so because they are dissatisfied with the Intellectual Property sharing of 70% for Zambia and 30% for South Africa.  They had wanted to benefit by getting 70% for themselves and 30% for Zambia, which I rejected right away as being unreasonable, bearing in mind that the biodiversity and intellectual knowledge are Zambian.  I am proposing to Zambian government to go it alone, so that we can find a company especially in India which can provide spray-dried or freeze-dried capsules for use in our clinical trials.  These delays will make Zambia loose the golden opportunity of finding the world cure of HIV and AIDS, as clever pharmaceutical companies can easily get active ingredients from SF2000 and produce the medicine themselves.

I therefore appeal to your esteemed organization to assist in any way possible, including exerting pressure on the government to move fast and also finding us a company in India to manufacture spray/freeze dried capsules for use in clinical trials and possibly what Zambia should do to ensure that the active ingredients in SF2000 is not stolen.

I thank you for listening to me.

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