Song dipicting Sata’s failed leadership “Kuwaya waya fye mwa Sata”

Another hit song about hardships that Zambians are experiencing under the Michael Sata and the PF government has been released by the Copperbelt based musician, Sungaman.

In the song called “Kuwaya waya fye mwa Sata”, Sungaman A song talks about people’s suffering and how they are unable to find jobs, but just loitering.

Cha lyuma, Pa chidindo epali ubuchi (it has become barren, honey is only on the stamp)

Mwa Sata tu waya waya fye (In Sata’s time we are just loitering)

Ta tu bomba, tu chula chula fye (We are not working, we are suffering)

The song that is almost a reply to PF’s “Donchi Kubeba” also talks about devalued Kwacha, high mealie meal prices, marketeers, mini-bus and tax-drivers facing economic hardships under Sata. It also talks about the lack of jobs for graduates, lack of medicines.

Click and listen or download the song here



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