Sonta which clients you stole money

“SONTA” which clients you stole money from when you were still practing law?

“SONTA” which Miners are happy to lose their job a day after assuring them that NO ONE WOULD LOSE JOB?

“SONTA” who you expect us to blame over continued Loadsheding?

“SONTA” who should bring down the price of mealiemeal, fertilizer, fuel, cooking oil, jiggies, tomato, etc?

“SONTA” who you drink kacasu with?

“SONTA” where the 500,000 jobs you promised our youths during the 2015 Labour Day Celebration?

“SONTA” which soldiers you recruited in 2015 after advertising and raising morale in our youths?

“SONTA” which investors you have brought from the time you became president despite using our taxpayers money traveling from one country to another more than 64 times?

“SONTA” which Civil Servant you gave reasonable salary increment even after imposing a 2yr Wage freeze on them? “SONTA” who are the ritual killers and who has been funding them?

“SONTA” which farmer enjoys receiving inputs late and at very high cost?

“SONTA” which PSV Driver enjoys to have a 1yr validity Driving Licence?

“SONTA” which marketeers enjoy K2,000 Loans? “SONTA” !!!!!!!! By Bruce B Bwalya

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