‘Sorry I suppported Lungu’

‘Sorry I suppported Lungu’

Civil Rights Activist Brebner Changala has apologised to Zambians for supporting the candidature of Edgar Lungu as President.

Speaking in an interview with the Zambian Watchdog, Mr. Changala said he did not know that the person he was supporting would lead Zambia in such away.

” Yes I’m apologising. I did not know that I was supporting people who will vandalise this country. Vandals. Why should someone have 50 houses, 100 cars and even several Wives. No. It is not fair,”. He said he did not know that the people he was supporting would take Zambia to the path of anarchy, Lawless and brutality where corruption has become their signature and identity.

He said the people he supported have placed morality and human decency in abeyance. ” They have no pity on this poor country and are drinking its economic life blood through unbridled corruption engineered by the Chinese so called investors,” he said.

Mr. Changala further states they have stripped naked the treasury in order to dress and honour their personal corrupt egos. He says the people he supported have more money and assets than the Ministry of Works and Supply.

To qualify this, Mr. Changala has called on Zambians to visit any health centre or clinic and the findings will be that there are no drugs or Doctors and a skinny medical personel which is helplessly and yet delibarately disarmed of clinical tools. ” To the contrary, the Police and the Paramillitary have been armed to the tooth to protect thieves and elected criminals,” he says.

He says meanwhile, the voter has been shunnted at the end of the tail of dispair and hopelessness while waiting for Jesus to come and Liberate this ” Christian Nation” through the National House of Prayer chaired by an oppressor.

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