‘Sorry, it was my daughter, not airtel who stole my airtime’

Dear Editor,
On Monday, 25.03.2013, I wrote a complaint about Airtel deducting
K3,000 from the K185,000 meant for my data unduly.

I also stated that the sim so affected is solely used for internet and is always in a modem or router.

I wish to apologize to AIRTEL and its customers for for labeling the company thief when in fact the Siliza which was deducted was requested by my daughter.

Airtel contacted me to resolve  the issue.  I was contacted by Mr Kaputula Gregory who is the Service Recovery and Support Excecutive who exhaustively traced the phone that was carrying my modem sim through the serial number.

When  Mr Kaputula smsd me the phone serial number, I traced it to my 12 year old daughter.

I wish thank Airtel for closing the incident factually.

I made sure that i did not hide the fact that the feud involved my daughter and that the company protected the image( in case i was at fault) In short am sorry about the incident – AIRTEL, the bloggers and the

AIRTEL customers.

David Mwanza,Mazabuka.

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