Sort out corruption, don’t tamper with workers salaries – Lungu told

Sort out corruption, don’t tamper with workers salaries – Lungu told

Of the salary cuts et al!

By Rueben Lupupa Lifuka

The proposed slashing of salaries of the President, Cabinet Ministers and some senior government officials, is a mockery of the suffering masses. Firstly, the slashing of salaries should be mutual and some government officials who will be “conscripted” into this scheme, may have their own challenges and need their full salaries.

Secondly, if indeed the desire Is to channel funds to be saved from this salary reduction to mitigate the impacts of the ZESCO tariff hike and fuel increase, then I could suggest a number of areas where government could make massive savings.

Government should consider selling the Presidential jets as well as some of the ministerial vehicles which are huge fuel guzzlers. Freeze all purchases of new vehicles and furniture- unless this is absolutely necessary.

Further, PreIdent Lungu should in 2020 cut down on foreign travel by 50 percent and also reduce to the barest minimum the presidential delegations.

Government should also fully enforce the austerity measure of non business travel for all Government officials including Ministers. I have on many occasions seen Ministers traveling business class.

We should use our embassies and high commissions – Ministers should only travel where it is absolutely necessary.

All by elections especially those that are politically engineered in 2020, through resignations should not be conducted until 2021.

This will definitely save the government huge amounts of money.

Most of the government functions like May Day, African Freedom etc should be celebrated without the usual fanfare and parties. Cut back on the numerous workshops held by different government departments and ministries. Address the huge national wastage of resources in the public service.

STOP the setting up of the national airline – it is not a priority. Sell off all loss making State Owned Enterprises – government should stop pumping money into such entities. Let us be serious and quit taking talking as an industry in this country. Slashing salaries alone will not mitigate the suffering of the people.

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