South Africa angry with minister Malanji over xenophobia comments

Table Talk with newly elected Minister of Police Bheki Cele in is office in Parlaiment, Cape Town. Date: Friday, March 02, 2018. Photographer Credit: Esa Alexander/Sunday Times

Diplomatic fallout is looming between SA and Zambia after South Africa police minister Bheki Cele accused Zambia’ foreign minister of spreading a narrative that South Africans are xenophobic.

This comes after a Southern African Develoment Community election observer mission, headed by Zambian foreign minister Joseph Malanji, expressed fears that their observers may come under attack during the elections next week, according to South African media.

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    The word xenophobia has become a tag and identity for black South Africans.When you come across this word what comes in mind is this country and its people. Shame.

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    Black Sabath 2 weeks ago

    your minister is right I have been living in South Africa for 23 years now .Xenophobia is sponsored by ANC and top ANC officials go to grassroots give them and other logistic on how to attack and kill foreigners.I witnessed these in 2011 in Thembisa and friend of mine invited to the meeting apologized that he didn’t know the agenda of meeting.

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    Muntu Bulyo 3 weeks ago

    Most likely what the South African are doing is the normal human reaction. When survival is threatened the normal thing to do is to react. Surely South African are not like you Zambians who give foreigners huge junks of land and other opportunities you have.

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    abilima 3 weeks ago

    In spite of Malanji’s dullness, is it not true that South Africans are xenophobic. What is Bheki Cele trying to prove? Isn’t it true that we have witnessed several xenophobic attacks in South Africa with the most barbaric killing of fellow blacks? Malanji is correct to express fears of xenophobic attack against his team. Bheki Cele should concentrate on educating his retarded kith and kin – we suffered a lot for the liberation of these barbaric creatures. Rubbish.

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    Musumali Liyunga 3 weeks ago

    This is the result of appointing someone to the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs when they have no diplomatic experience and credentials. Some Ministries are strategic and not every Jim and Jack should be appointed to serve at the helm of such Ministries.

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      Chilyata 3 weeks ago

      What Malanji said is true and even that frog look alike, Bheki Cele, knows it is so true that it is irrefutable. Truth hurts and I am just surprised that our Foreign Affairs Minister had the guts to say it.
      Usually Zambians like, Chisumali, are so docile by nature that they would rather not say anything. Bravo Malanji, ignore Chisumali who is just a detractor. Tell those uncivilised and ungrateful South Africans that there is a better way of handling issues.
      They are still afraid of a white man and they turn on fellow Africans.