Spar refusing to pay workers

Good afternoon ba Zambian watchdog.
Please hide my ID as it may put my life on stake because the truth hurts.
We are crying for intervention on our case.
Spar Chipata eastern province has been refusing to give us our 11month arrears .
We tried to seek for intervention from the office which is responsible for our problem but we are not being helped(labour office)
The company management has only release the arrears for almost 25 workers which among these are management relatives.
We agreed to receive our money this year August but the company refuses to release our money and assure us to go anywhere nothing can happen.
We have children some we are In colleges.
Help us from this inhuman treatment from this company.
The company even assure us to go anywhere else but nothing will happen and we will not have our money.
Please we need help on this one.

Thank you .crying youth. Citizen.

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