Spare Dandy Crazy

Please editor withhold my identity
The way people have acted on Dandy Crazy shows how much the singer is envied by the majority who have failed to reach his status. By this, i don’t mean i condone trafficking of drugs which according to our laws amounts to an offence. Neither do i intend to be the spokesperson of Dandy Crazy or suggest to comment on a matter which is in court in case the matter has been taken to court. But from the way some people from some sections of the society have come out can give us some points to look at involving the matter of Dandy Crazy.
Firstly, some people have immediately called the young man a criminal who does not even deserve to be a role model to the young young ones. Secondly, some people have called on the President to strip Dandy of the Award which was bestored on him when the Patriotic Front government was ushered into power. Thirdly, some people have even gone to the extent of pushing Airtel Zambia to immediately remove all billboards carrying the images of the singer and to stop using his image in their adverts.
But it would be prudent to look at the three major points raised above without condemning or siding with anyone. Firstly rushing to call someone a criminal because they have been found with 12g of cannabis concealed in their pockets is somewhat harsh a step. Surely the definition of the term criminal is in simple terms someone who breaks into other people’s premises and steals their property by force or engages in activities which are against the law. Objectively speaking look at the quantity of Cannabis Dandy was found with (12g)and if his intention was to sell it, how much money could he have raised to surpass what he has already earned? The amount cannot even exceed KR 20 which is just the amount for chips and a small piece of chicken. Has it been proved that he wanted to sell the herb or not? If it is later on established that the cannabis was for personal consumption, there is no law in Zambia which prohibits someone from consuming cannabis.
On the second point of striping Dandy with the award which was bestored on him by the President because he was found with cannabis, this again appears too much to say. Surely the Order of Freedom Award was bestored on him not because he does not drink alcohol or smoke but according to what the President thought in his wisdom, Dandy Crazy through his Donchi Kubeba song contributed to the change of government which people yearned for as attested to how they voted. Barrack Obama smokes but Americans voted for him as their President. Our own President HE Michael Sata was a smoker but that did not prevent people from seeing a leader in him. If Dandy Crazy smokes owing to his personal beliefs, that should not deprive him from being honored in fields he has excelled.
On the issue of removing Dandy images from the Airtel billboards, that is an issue between him and Airtel. But let me give an illustration of what happened when Zambia lifted the Africa Cup in 2012. Everyone cerebrated. Business houses such as Trade Kings and many others started using the images of Zambian Players in their advertisements. But let’s take for instance one of the players being used in the adverts is arrested for being too drunk on the road and the news is publicized, that does not stop that player from being a hero in as far as the Africa cup is concerned. The only issue can come in if his personal behavior clashes with the interests of the society. If it doesn’t, how he chooses to lead his life is none of the business of the society.
In view of the above points, Dandy Crazy today finds himself in a very difficult situation. The case that some people have rushed to call him a criminal shows how much people envy him. I cannot be wrong that those rushing to call him a criminal actually envy the status he has reached. I cannot be wrong to Say some of those calling for the removal of his image from Airtel billboards are his fellow musicians who are very jealous of him who also one day dream of being put on the billboards. Some people can no longer hold the grudge of seeing Dandy Crazy on top but have now found an opportunity to bring him down. Life should never be like that. Let each one strive for excellence of which we shall all attain if we remain persistent than praying that your friend fails. All the best Dandy as you go through this trying moment.  

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