Spax Mulenga arrested over gassing

Spax Mulenga arrested over  gassing

Information reaching the Zambian Watchdog indicates that the leader of the biggest Chingola based Jerabos, Spax Mulenga is among those arrested for masterminding the gassing of citizens, an illegal operation that started on the Copperbelt.

Sources close to the investigations indicate that Spax was arrested on Tuesday and bundled to Lusaka where he is detained.

But PF leaders are doing everything possible to conceal the information while trying to make frantic efforts to have him released as the whole thing implicates the state since he’s one of the main thugs for the PF.

The past two months saw citizens being gassed by what the PF government is saying “an unknown chemical” and so far a number of people have been arrested, including PF officials.

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