Speaker declares Mufumbwe vacant

Speaker of the National Asembly Patrick Matibini has declared Mufumbwe Parliamentary seat vacant.

Matibini has written to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) notifying it of the vacancy in the Northwestern constituency.

Last week, former area MPSteven Masumba resigned from the MMD on which ticket he was elected. He joined the ruling PF which had appointed him a deputy minister without consulting his party.

Masumba then started insutling his party and when expelled went to court. He lost the case in court and opted to resign from both the MMD and governme nt.

The Mufumbe bye-election will be a test for the ruling party as it does not have a single seat in the province. The whole province is shared by the opposition MMD and UPND.

On the othert hand, a tension is likely to develop between MMD and UPND as both parties are likely to feature candidates.

The UPND believe that Mufumbwe is traditionally their constituency and so far data on the ground indicate that the UPND will sponsor a candidate.

On the other hand, the MMD which is currently holding the seat will also want maintain the seat.

But despite the likely tension in the opposition, the Watchdog prediction is that the seat will go to either the MMD or UPND.

PF stands no chance in Nortwesten province no matter how many candidates the opposition put. PF will come out number three after the two opposition parties.


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