Speaker: it’s okay, parliament will rubber-stamp Sata’s grabbing of RDA

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini says there is nothing illegal about the move by President Michael Sata to put the Road Development Agency (RDA) under his office.

Dr Matibini made the ruling following a point of order by Monze central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu who wanted to know whether the executive was in order to continue violating the constitution by realigning ministries and government institutions without Parliament approval.

In his ruling Dr Matibini stated that government has the prerogative to establish and dissolve government ministries and department subject to approval by Parliament.

He said he has no doubt that the Vice President will present to the house an appropriate motion to ensure the constitution is upheld on the moving of RDA to fall under the office of the president.

President Michael Sata recently announced that he had taken over the Road Development Agency to fall under his office in order to curb corruption in the procurement of road contracts and promote transparency.

Matibini was once a fearless defender of constitutionalism but has now defends money and his office.


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