Speaker makes orders on beating of journalists, sale of zamtel

Speaker of the National Assembly Amusaa Mwnamwaambwa has ordered Communication and Transport Minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa to update Parliament on the stage at which the privatisation of Zamtel has reached.
An Mr. Mwanamwambwa has ordered infomation minister Ronnie Shikapwasha to issue a ministerial statement on the reported beating of journalists.

Mr Mwanamwambwa said that it was imperative that members of Parliament had first hand information on the stages at which the privatisation of Zamtel had reached as opposed to getting information from members of the public.

The speaker made the order after Chipili Member of Parliament Davies Mwila (PF) rose on a point of order as to whether it was appropriate for the minister to be quiet particularly when debates on Zamtel were at the peak among members of the public.

Mr Mwila said that as MPs, it was appropriate for them to have first hand information on the privatisation of Zamtel and not to rely on information from members of the public.

“What is important is for the minister to update or appraise the House on what is going on regarding the status and the future of Zamtel. This House needs to be updated and the minister does not require several days. As early as next week let this House have an update,” Mr Mwanamwambwa said.

He also advised members to desist from participating in debates by the public saying their best medium of debates for MPs was in the House.

“I encourage members not to participate in debates because this is the best forum,”Mr Mwanamwambwa said.

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