Speaker Matibini says there is no impeachment in parliament

Speaker Matibini says there is no impeachment in parliament

Speaker of the what is supposed to be the National Assembly Patrick Matibini says there is no motion to impeach President Edgar Lungu.

Matibini says what is there is just an intention by the opposition to impeach Lungu but that he Matibini has not even decided whether to allow the process to begin.

This is according to documents filed in court by deputy clerk of the National Assembly Cecilia Sikatele.

Sikatele submitted papers to ‘oppose’ a judicial review process that was started by some PF President Lungu’s agents. A few weeks ago, the opposition submitted to the Clerk of the National Assembly their intention to impeach Lungu for violating the constitution, corruption, associating with criminals and other crimes. Two of Lungu’s agents went to court to stop the impeachment motion from proceeding.

But now the speaker Matibini through the deputy clerk of parliament has told the court that there is no need for judicial review as there is no impeachment in parliament.

Matibini emphasised over and over that he is the only one who will decide whether to allow the impeachment to start or not and that he alone will decide whether the reasons for seeking to impeach Lungu are subjudice (in court).

Clearly, the PF speaker has danced to the tune of the PF who are in denial that there is no impeachment motion in parliament.

Going by the documents there, it’s clear that this motion will not be tabled in that house and PF stated from word go that it must not be entertained.

One wonders why Deputy Speaker said the impeachment motion was qualified and that she had received it.

Is this the chipantepante outbreak which now been extended to the legislature?

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