Speaker tosses out Journalists petition against MP who called them dogs

Speaker of the National Assembly Amusaa Mwanamwamba has thrown out the media petition against MP Mumbi Phiri which was led mainly by Zambia Union of Journalists (ZUJ).
Journalists had accused MP Phiri of likening them to information minister Ronnie Shikapwsha’s dogs.

The letter was written on Wednesday last week and given to Chipangali MP for onward presentation to organisers of the protest.

Though the organisers have been given the letter, it seems they are too ashamed to make the letter public and the state media is not ‘interested’ in the matter since it is against them.
The private radio stations have not seen it. The Post has a copy but has not published it.

Just before the protest, PAZA and ZAMWA leaders advised that the protest be canceled following an apology from the MP. MLC chairperson Amos Chanda issued a statement on the day of the protest advising that the matter be rested following an apology and that the procedure was wrong and that the matter would be treated as hearsay by the Speaker in the absence of evidence of the alleged dog remarks.

The Speaker says the matter does not concern Parley and was not on matter before the house so the petitioners could use other avenues to resolve the matter.

The protest was hastily arranged on a Sunday and by Monday orgainsers claimed they had a permit. This followed a serious complaint by Ronnie Shikapwasha in an interview at parliament on a Friday before the Sunday decision by journalists to march.

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