Spooner’s case discussed in British House of commons

The case of a Milton Keynes resident whose two children were abducted in 2008 has been raised in the House of Commons.

Milton Keynes North MP Mark Lancaster asked a question of Leader of the House of Commons Sir George Young today (Thursday) regarding constituent Ken Spooner.

Ken has spent the last 18 months trying to get children Devlan, 5, and Caelan, 3, back to their Great Linford home after their mother Zanetta Nyendwa took them on a holiday to Zambia from which she they haave never reurned.

Despite Ken gaining an Order making the boys Wards of the English Court the Zambian Supreme Court last week ruled it was inadmissable in their legal system.

This week Milton Keynes Citizen launched its Justice for Ken campaign asking the British Government to step in.

And today Tory Mr Lancaster raised the issue, which will now be passed onto Foreign Secretary William Hague.

The full conversation in the commons went as follows.

Mr Lancaster: “May we have a debate on child abduction? We might then discuss the case of my constituent, Ken Spooner, whose two British-born children were abducted by their Zambian mother in 2008.

“Having spent nearly all his life savings on successfully getting his children made wards of a UK court, and having that registered in Zambia, even now he cannot get them returned to the UK. Can the Government do anything to help?”

Sir George Young: “I am grateful to my hon. Friend for that question. Many Members of Parliament will have experienced cases in their constituency in which the courts have awarded custody to the UK parent but the children are abducted to another country.

“Where the other country has signed the relevant Hague convention, it is possible through the courts of that country to get the child repatriated, but it is difficult where the country concerned has not signed up to that agreement.

“We are pursuing the matter with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which will be in touch with my hon. Friend.”

Speaking later Mr Lancaster said: “”Mr Spooner has done everything by the book and deserves all of the support he can get.

“I am determined to do what I can to hopefully apply Government pressure to resolve this situation as soon as possible.”

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