Sporting legends from Zambia

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Zambia is a nation that often slips under the radar when people think about sports and sporting legends, but they’ve had a fair few in their time. They have athletes who continue to compete in multiple sports around the globe today, and thanks to promo codes and other resources, sports bettors are getting some awesome wagers on these guys.

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Now – let’s get into the main purpose of this piece, the sporting legends of Zambia.

The best of the best

  1. Samuel Matete

To have witnessed Samuel Matete in his prime, you would have needed to watch track and field events almost 30 years ago. Matete was a 400m hurdles runner, and in 1991, he became the first Zambian born track and field champion of the world. As it happens, it was actually the very first time that an athlete from Africa won this event, which would forever solidify Matete as a Zambian legend.

Hee was so good at the 400m hurdles that he almost seemed to get a turbo boost during the last few meters, which became his trademark over the years. During 1991, Matete completed the 400m hurdles in 47.10 seconds, which is a time that has still remained unbeaten by any African athlete to this day.

  1. Godfrey Chitalu

Godfrey Chitalu was one of the most prolific strikers that Zambia has ever seen. There is a bit of a conspiracy going on with this man right now relating to the most goals scored in any single season. This conspiracy stems from the fact that Lionel Messi broke the record in 2012, surpassing the previously held record by Gerd Muller. Those who watched Godfrey Chitalu during his prime claim that he scored 107 goals during the 1972 season, which would mean that Lionel Messi would not have broken the record.

Needless to say, FIFA did not particularly have well-documented records back then, so as it happens, Lionel Messi is still the record holder for this. Putting world records aside for a moment, Godfrey Chitalu still holds a Zambian record for the most international goals scored, and he earned the title of footballer of the year a total of 5 times.

3.    Kalusha Bwalya

Kalusha Bwalya was another footballer from Zambia who achieved a very high level. He has represented Zambia internationally during his career, but Bwalya still claims that one of his all-time career highlights is playing under Bobby Robson in Belgium. Bwalya was so good in fact that he won the award for African football player of the year back in 1988. He had the potential to add to this trophy cabinet during 1996, where he even received a nomination for the FIFA player of the year award.

He may not have won that award, but it just goes to show how good this guy was on a soccer field.

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