Spying device found on Litunga’s chair, as suspect flees to State House

Spying device found on Litunga’s chair, as suspect flees to State House

SATA-LITUNGAThere has been drama at Limulunga, palace of King Lubosi Imwiko of the Lozi people of Barotseland, following the exposure of spying activities right within the King’s office, which is believed to have been secretly placed by Zambian agents using a mole within the Mulonga.

When the Litunga tried to move his seat to pick something he had dropped, he discovered a “metallic’ gadget, which has since been confirmed as a transmitter, under the seat.

Upon seeing it, and in fear that it might have been a bomb planted to rip him out, the Litunga quickly left the office and called the police to diffuse the object.

Sources at the police have confirmed that they have in possession the said object, but did not confirm or deny that it was a spy machine.

Investigations revealed that the object was planted by the Litunga’s own ‘Aide De camp’, Induna Mukubesa, who upon hearing that his secret had been discovered, fled. Barotse Intelligence Services have since confirmed that Induna Mukubesa fled to Lusaka and is currently leaving at a location within state house police camp.

This development has exposed Litunga’s private discussions. Recently, Sata categorically warned the Litunga not to re-appoint Ngambela Sinyinda otherwise he would take action. Sata had also told the Litunga that he was not trustworthy. It seems Sata had information which could only have been obtained through that gadget.

Sata may not have been well advised that the Litunga cannot sign any document of Barotse national interest without the recommendation of the Barotse National Council, and he may have given the President false hope that he will ensure that BA64 is buried.

Behind closed doors, the Litunga may have been issuing different instructions.  Moreover, the system is self-checking and it is now clear that the BA64 has now slipped out of control, after Government thought they could use the Litunga to frustrate the agreement, which Sata is now aware about.

The Litunga is furious that there were spying activities taking place around him, and in such a manner, and is now difficult to reach on important matters. On the other hand, Sata is also aware that he can no longer trust this Litunga because he is cunning.

The plots that Induna Mukubesa was given have all been grabbed but information received indicates that he was promised a house and properties by those who seem to have used him as a mole.

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