Stadium in Mongu, government to construct Hospital in Chinsali

Government says it has  secured land for the construction of a provincial Teaching hospital in Muchinga Province that will cater for seven districts.

Deputy Minister of Health, Christopher Mulenga says that the move is part of the PF government’s ambitious program to construct Teaching hospitals in all provincial headquarters in the country, but last month government reacted angrily to people’s observation that it was stupid for Sata to authorise a stadium construction in Mongu at the expense of more important sectors like health and education.

Mulenga said government has through the ministry of health identified the site between Tanzania Zambia Mafuta (TAZAMA) Pump station and Nambuluma Police headquarters.

The Teaching hospital when completed will serve Chinsali, Mpika, Chama, Shiwangándu, Isoka, Mafinga and Nakonde districts, respectively.

He disclosed that for Muchinga Province alone, a number of Health Posts will be constructed so that the demands of health services are met adequately.

Mulenga said major construction works of these public service institutions will commence once consultants finalise working on the integrated plan for development  adding that  Muchinga will have to
set standards  in terms of  Town and Country planning so that infrastructure is  built to international standards.

The Ministry of Health has secured 1.5 square kilometres of land for the construction of a first Teaching hospital while the current district facility at Chinsali will be upgraded to a General hospital.

The Deputy Minister said the construction of these public infrastructures will create Jobs which he said will soon shame the critics of the current government programmes and hastened to advise employers in government and private sector to engage local people unlike bringing labour even for casual work from outside the Province.

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