Stanbic managers arrested for lying in court

Stanbic managers arrested for lying in court

Police have arrested and charged two senior Stanbic Bank managers for giving false testimony in court.

The two, Reuben Malindi and Mazuba Lungwe, are appearing in the magistrate court for allegedly giving false testimonies during the corruption ridden case of Savenda versus Stanbic.

The two are being represented by lawyer John Sangwa and his law firm who has advised the accused persons to try and sue the police in order to stop the case. This is Zambia. You can actually sue the police for arresting you even if you have a case to answer.

The two Stanbic managers have now taken the Zambia police to the High Court where they are seeking judicial review. In their application in the high court, the two claim that the police visited their offices on pretext that they were inspecting the Savenda account but it turned out that they were being investigated for purposes of incriminating them.

So the two Stanbic managers want the High Court to quash their arrest and stop proceeding in the Magistrate court.

Their lawyer Sangwa is one of the witnesses in the Supreme Court where the judges are intimidating activities and journalists who are exposing corruption in the Savenda v Stanbic case. The Savenda v Stanbic case is a civil matter while the case of the false witnesses is a criminal one as perjury is a criminal offence.

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