Standard Chartered employee arrested for stealing K100m

The Drug Enforcement Commission in Ndola has arrested a Banker at an international commercial Bank for money laundering involving over K100 million, DEC spokesperson John Nyawali has confirmed.
Yyawali named the suspect as Monica Chansa Swali Chanda aged 50 who he said was arrested together with Chungu Kapema Ndola based businessman for laundering a total of K116 million.
Nyawali declined to mention the bank involved bu the Watchdog has learned that she works for Standard Chartered Bank.
“Ms. Chanda in her capacity as a Banker at the identified international commercial Bank stole Bank revenue in form of commissions by way of crediting her account.
“She further credited other customer’s accounts instead of crediting the Bank’s commission account which money they would later withdraw and share” said Nyawali.
He said the two have been released on Police bond awaiting trial and two motor vehicles have since been seized from the partners.

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