Start campaigning for Kasama-RB

rupiah_banda_answering_questionsPresident Banda has urged Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) officials in Kasama, to start selling the ruling party’s Manifesto in readiness for the Kasama Central by-election.

And Mr. Banda has also announced the commencement of the maize buying programme thought out the country.

Speaking on his arrival at Kasama airport today, on his two-day working visit, Mr. Banda said people of Kasama and MMD members should start a door-door campaign to sale the ruling party’s manifestos.

He said MMD cadres and members should start working towards selling the party to the people in the area so that the ruling party can scope the Kasama Central seat.

“You should not wait to have a motor vehicle. National Executive Committee (NEC) will soon mobilize funds to get campaigns materials for the elections,” he said.

The Kasama Parliamentary seat fall vacant after Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament Saviour Chishimba resigned from the party.

And speaking earlier MMD National Chairman Michael Mabenga said the MMD was the only Democratic Party that listens.

Mr. Mabenga said democracy was all about listening to what people want adding it was for this reason that the National Convection has been put on hold.

He added that just like the NEC had earlier on listened to calls for President Banda to be the sole candidate for the 2011 elections, NEC would similarly listen to calls for the ruling party not to go a head to hold the National Convention.

This was after MMD Provincial chairperson Grievers Sikasote said the ruling party in the province was not for the idea of holding the national convention.

Mr. Sikasote said the MMD in the province will petition the NEC to postpone the convention.

He said Provincial MMD committees in Southern and Central provinces has shared similar concerns.

He said by postponing the convention, the party will have more money for the campaigns in readiness for the 2011 general elections..

Meanwhile, President Banda has directed Agriculture and Co-operatives Minister Brian Chituwo to ensure that his ministry puts measures in place so that all the maize is bought from farmers throughout the country.

Mr. Banda said it was disheartening to note that unscrupulous business Men and Women had continued to exploit the farmers by buying their hard earned crops cheaply.

He urged farmers to take advantage of government’s move to start buying maize and be able to prepare themselves for the next planting season.

Mr. Banda took cognizance of the people of Northern Province saying they not only play leading role politically but were also active players in the country’s economy.

He said most of them were engaged in various Professions such as Teaching, Nursing, Agriculture and economics in most parts of the country.

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