Starved First Lady finds Solace in Msiska?

Intelligence reports reaching the Zambian Watchdog are that Zambian First lady Christine Kaseba may be having an affair with Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Roland Msiska. The source said telephone conversations between Dr. Kaseba and Dr. Msiska intercepted by the intelligence system suggest that the two have inappropriate affair.

“The system intercepts calls for high profile people and the conversations that Dr. Kaseba and Dr. Msiska have suggest there is something fishy. The two must be having an affair” the source said. The source said what was very interesting is that Dr. Msiska is related to President Michael Sata’s first wife who is Mulenga Sata’s mother.

The source said Dr. Msiska’s affair with Dr. Kaseba has also afftected the smooth running of the civil service as the two have decided to make sure that Medical Doctors are at the helm of the Civil Service.

“This is why you have medical doctors running the civil service. It has a foundation. Kaseba and Msiska have penetrated using their affair. Dr. Msiska a medical doctor himself with Kaseba also a medical doctor have Dr. Velepi Mtonga as Permanent Secretary Public Service Management Division, Dr, Simon Miti as Permanent Secretary Parliamentary business, Dr. Peter Mwaba PS Home Affairs, and the PS health Dr. Chilamata are all medical doctors close to Dr. Kaseba” the source said. The source said the system was not against Medical Doctors but too much of them is not good. “We are not against medical doctors but to tell you the truth, they are not good managers” the source said.

The source said President Sata may not be aware of this. ” This is another Archie Mactriboy issue. The President is being cheated by his own people. Even George Chella is aware of this. Actually at the funeral of Chella’s mother in Northmead, Dr. Kaseba and Dr. Msiska were communicating and we intercepted” the source said.

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