State appeals against Chiluba’s acquittal

chilubaThe state has filed a notice of appeal in the High Court against the acquittal of former president Freadrick Chiluba.

According to the Post Newspaper, the state has filed seven grounds of appeal and that other grounds of appeal will be furnished later.

And the Times of Zambia reports that Fredrick Chiluba has said he will claim his money, which he kept in the Zamtrop account now that he has been acquitted of charges of theft. And Dr Chiluba said that he would go to Luapula Province to tell the people to vote for President Banda because the incumbent has shown that he is a uniting force in the country. Speaking at the celebratory church service for his acquittal at Bible Gospel Church in Africa (Bigoca) yesterday Dr Chiluba said he would ask for his money because he had been cleared by the courts of law. Dr Chiluba said he was advised to keep his personal money in the Zamtrop account meant for the construction of the Institute of Democratic Studies because some of his friends who donated towards the project could have given him money laundered from drugs. He said even before he was taken to court, three financial institutions – the Bank of Zambia, Grant Thornton and Price Water House Coopers audited the Zamtrop account and told the Government that there was private money in it as well. Dr Chiluba said he wondered why he was accused of stealing the same private money when it was a known fact that he was undertaking a project to construct the institute for democratic studies using the money that he sourced from his friends and well wishers. He said the US$500,000 he was accused of stealing was equivalent to petty cash for State House. Dr Chiluba said the reason he was taken to court was a spiritual warfare and not legal because of his decisions to declare Zambia a Christian nation. He said it did not make legal sense for the courts of law to find his wife guilty first of receiving stolen goods and not the person accused of stealing. “How could all the three institutions that audited the Zamtrop account conceal theft if at all I stole the money? Why find a person who received stolen property guilty before you do so to a person who stole,” he said. Dr Chiluba who quoted the book of John Chapter 8:32 from the Bible said true to the scripture in the verse the truth had come to pass adding that truth did not come from newspapers or television but from the Holy Book.

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