State ‘closes’ its case on 4 UPND cadres


The state has closed its case in a matter where four UPND cadres are charged with the offence of being in possession of offensive weapons.
According to the PF abused ZNBC, the alleged weapons include a bow and arrows, two bottles of potassium permanganate and one plastic bottle of glycerine.
The suspects in this matter are Remmy Mukoba, Martin Muchindu, Fabian Mwanza Lubona, and Kelvin Mwansa Mupulisa.
When the matter came up today the state presented its last witness a Mr Obrey Hamweene who insisted that the suspects were found in possession of offensive weapons.
The suspects have however denied the charge claiming the case was not investigated properly by the police.
Lusaka magistrates Silvia Munyinya later adjourned the matter to 28th March 2018 for ruling on whether the suspects have a case to answer or not.

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