State drops charges against Zgambo

The state has dropped sedition charges against investigative journalist Thomas Zgambo.

Senior police sources have told the Daily Nation that Zgambo’s charges of sedition were dropped after realising that a subsequent trial would expose negative information about the Republican Presidency and the government.

The sources have disclosed that part of the documents seized by a combined team of government security wings at Zgambo’s residence had “sensitive information” to national security and could potentially embarrass the Presidency.

“The media has been reporting that Zgambo was found with a biography on President Sata. It is not true that it was a biography but it was more than that and the information was on President Sata before he became the President of Zambia” the source said.

Another source said it was very difficult for the state to proceed with the matter because the documents that were believed to be seditious were not even authored by Zgambo as handwriting experts had advised that it was not him who had authored the documents.

Zgambo was this year arrested over suspicions that he run the online publication the Zambian Watchdog and was arrested and charged with sedition.

When contacted for a comment, he said he was still consulting his lawyers and would address the press at an appropriate time.

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