State geared to equip hospitals

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has said that Government is determined to equip all health institutions with required facilities so that they can adequately attend to various forms of health ailments.

Mr Sata urged citizens to be patient about the current poor health services as Government was doing its best to ensure the necessary facilities were provided to improve health institutions in the country.

Speaking in Lusaka yesterday at St Ignatius Catholic Church during a funeral service of late parishioner, Humphrey Jangulo who died on Sunday after a liver complication, Mr Sata said cases such as the liver complication should be handled by health personnel without challenges and that Government would do its best to improve the health sector.

“If our health institutions are improved, cases like this one can be easily treated and Humphrey could not have died,” President Sata said.

Mr Sata said at the time he was MMD National Secretary in 1995, he opened his personal business during which time he came to know Humphrey’s mother, Mrs Jangulo who is also late.

President Sata said, he came to know more about Humhprey’s family when Mrs Jangulo became his secretary and that the relationship between him and that family had come a long way.

Humphrey, aged 28, died on Sunday at Fairview Hospital following a liver complication after being diagnosed with malaria.

 He was a Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) graduate and later employed by City Advertisers in Lusaka, a firm owned by President Sata.

His industrious efforts led him to rise through many positions until his last appointment as a customer care manager.

President Sata, who arrived at St Ignatius around 11:20 hours, said he was deeply saddened by the death of Humphrey who called him (President) because of the close relationship.

“I have associated with this young man and he also fought for the Patriotic Front (PF) for many years. He worked at CityAdvertisers which means the money he made was for PF,” Mr Sata said.

And delivering a sermon, St Ignatius assistant Parish Priest, Father Charles Chilinda said President Sata’s and several other mourners in  attendance was proof that Humphrey was liked.

Father Chilinda said Humphrey dedicated his time to God, was a devoted choir member, and was a kind young person who was brought up intelligently as he always spoke with a word of purpose.

President Sata was accompanied by Lusaka Province Minister Gerry Chanda and several Government officials.

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