State House ADC accused of replacing qualified officers with friends


I wish to express my deepest disappointment at the manner officers are being harassed by state house police command .The ADC to the president Mr  Bwanga recently transferred 20 senior officers to various divisions without any reasonable cause.

These senior officers are very experienced in VIP protection. This has greatly compromised security at state house. This ADC is a security risk to the institution and to the president himself.

Furthermore he has a tendency of choosing officers to go on trips abroad single handedly which is not a normal practice.

Officers are currently leaving under fear because of the way their colleagues were transferred. These transfers were effected on 14th April, 2012.

These officers have since been replaced by inexperienced officers who are not trained in VIP protection. We need quick intervention from the president in this matter. Most of the officers whom he has brought for replacements are his personal friends he worked with at service HQ.

Concerned citizen

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