State House advises Post newspaper to be ethical

President Rupiah Banda’s mouth-piece Dickson Jere has advised the Post newspaper to try, even just a bit, to be ethical.

And Jere has said “President Banda will not be swayed by cheap politics by The Post newspaper which has been trying very hard to create despondency among the people of Western Province that the President does not care for them.”

Jere issued the advice following a story the paper published claiming that president Banda will not attend this year’s Kuomboka ceremony because he does not want to waste his money.

Jere the story was poorly sourced and lacked basic standards of ethical reporting.

He said the story was misleading as ‘it is public knowledge that President Banda on Monday did announce to the nation through the media at the Lusaka City Airport that he will not attend this year’s ceremony and, instead, Vice-President George Kunda, will represent him.”

He said Kunda requested to officiate at the ceremony because he has never attended the Kuomboka Ceremony while President Banda has attended the ceremony three times, including when the late President Levy Mwanawasa, delegated the assignment to him when he was Vice President.

“President Banda agreed to have the Vice-President officiate at this year’s ceremony, especially that his wife is from Western Province and also wanted to be part of the event. There is nothing sinister or peculiar for the President to delegate assignments to his Vice-President and indeed Ministers.”

He explained that several Ceremonies across the country have been held and graced by either the Vice-President or Ministers and nothing has been written to suggest that President Banda hates people from those areas.

He further expalined that ‘in the short period that President Banda has been in office, he has initiated very important and key projects in Western Province, including the construction of the Mongu-Kalabo Road, which has never been worked on since independence.”

President Banda’s Government is also working on the Senanga-Sesheke Road, Lukulu-Katunda Road and the maintenance of the Malondo-Tuwa Raod.

“I wish to appeal to the media to be extra careful in handling stories, especially as we head towards the General Elections. There is need to adhere to ethical standards by making sure that all sides to a story are spoken to before publishing.

“The story in The Post newspaper is poorly sourced and lacks basic standards of ethical reporting. The author never attempted to check the facts of the story with State House or indeed the Government Spokesman but decided to rely on imaginary sources,” said Jere who once worked as stringer for AFP.

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