State House and alarming statements

President Michael Sata hates what we do. But that is fine. We can and are actually living with that.

We do not do what we do in order to be darlings of the mighty.

But we are happy that president Sata reads what we publish here. That makes us happy because, he has access to alternative opposed to the trash he is fed every hour by those surrounding him.

We cannot claim to have or know the truth all the time. But from our terraces, we are able to see things differently and more objectively.

Sata, like those who came before him, is surrounded by characters who are more concerned about their jobs than the truth. They would rather lie to please him so that he maintains them in their positions.

It is a human weakness to love to hear nice things about ourselves; and to hear that our problems are caused by our enemies. But leaders should be above this.

We have advised those who occupied those offices before. But, even though they knew we were telling the truth, they sent policemen and assassins after us.

We are amused how funny this life can be. Now they are the ones running away from the police. But that is another matter.

But what is more amusing is the inability by people to learn from those before them.

Is there really any difference between what Rupiah Banda and Dickson Jere were doing at State House with what Sata and George Chellah are doing?

The childish, emotionally charged statements issuing from State House are really embarrassing.

President Sata needs to do something about Chellah before the immature boy does something that will really embarrass the president.

Chellah is not fit to be State house spokesperson. He is immature and unteachable.

If president Sata loves the boy so much or feels indebted to him for the propaganda he rendered to him during the last elections, he can find another way to pay him. Let him make information officer for Chilanga district or something.

Chellah does not inspire confidence to the public. He is despised in the media and is considered a spoiled brat who thrives on manipulating others

Why didn’t Sata get a report on Chellah’s behaviour from the Post newspaper or his college? Or may he did or was given a wrong one? This is the boy who spent his time at the Post manipulating and falsely implicating his workmates just to make sure that his interests are secure.

But this is the person the president trusts so much? Are there no mature and responsible men and or women that can be given that task?

We know president Sata himself is temperamental. But is that not the very reason that he needs a sober person to help him communicate his thoughts to the public without his information being lost in emotions?

Is it really necessary for the presidency to respond to each and every comment where the president is mentioned?

Let us for example consider the statement issued by Chellah this Sunday where he says there are rumours that president Sata was assassinated in the morning. First of all, this so called rumour was virtually unknown to the wider public until State House publicised it. But the way the statement was written was so emotional one would think the author was having birth pangs.

What is really wrong at State House? Why are people so angry?

The Internet is a huge place where all sorts of people go to do business, pass time and meet friends.

It is really not necessary for the Zambian presidency to be surfing the Internet and respond to any comment on Face book or dating websites.

We have seen nasty things being written about world leaders like President Obama, who arguably have some power to control the Internet if they decided to do so. But they don’t even respond and such stories just die naturally.

By these unnecessary reactions, Chellah and his colleagues at State House are actually demeaning State House. They are the ones alarming the nation and defaming the presidency.

The State House spokesperson is supposed to advise the president on how he should communicate to the public. He should analyse and assess what the president has said and see how best he can relay it to the public. That is why people go to school for heaven’ sake. There is a way these things are done. This habit of State House scaring our children with unpalatable language on new should come to an end.

The other thing president Sata needs to know is that not everyone likes him or agrees with him.

If people opposed and challenged our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: who is Michael Chilufya Sata?

Once again we wish to advise President Michale Sata to reorganise his information team at State House. That is a very crucial department as it is the window through which the public peep into leadership. The emotional loaded reactions from State house even of things that do not exist are really worrying.

We know we are in no position to advise our rulers since they have the mandate of their people, but we retain the right to say what we see.

Like we said, we have advised  other before , but they sent the police after us.

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