State House Cops charged with defaming the President

Three Police Officers from State House were on Friday 21/03/14 charged with defaming President Michael Sata. According to sources within the government security wings, the officers who on Wednesday said the PF government may not rule beyond 2016 may appear in court on Monday 24/03/14.
The source also disclosed that it was actually three officers who have been detained and not two as earlier reported. The source also said the officers did not only pick up a quarrel with Mr. Gershom Siame the Senior Private Secretary to the President but also had a misunderstanding with State House Principal Private Secretary Mr. Francis Chalabesa. ” It is not only Siame whom the quarreled with but they also had a misunderstanding with Mr. Chalabesa the Principal Private Secretary. It is further reported that the Police had planned to quietly take the officers to court without the public knowing.
“The plan was take these officers to court minus anyone knowing but now that you guys exposed it, the Police command is thinking twice. They may just be dealt with administratively” the source said. The source said one of the officers is an Inspector while two are Constables.
The three Police Officers were detained on Wednesday after telling Mr. Siame and Chalabesa that the Patriotic Front government will only serve for one term. This was after the three differed with their bosses over parking space.

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